From The Belgian Coast to Boulogne

and V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket sites in France and Belgium

Above: Two R611 bunkers from Stp Leffinge also called Stp Hannover.
These bunkers are close to the airport of Ostend, Belgium.  That's another favourite place of me.
Here's more about this place: Leffinge: Stp Hannover

Here below you will find links to places I have visited during the past years.
From time to time this page will grow with more interesting 'Atlantic Wall' links
and WWI artifacts.

The pictures on this page and sub-pages are copywrited.

Something about the AWB
The AWB or Atlantikwall Belgium is a group of people who are studying the remains of the German defence line build at the Belgian Coast and France(to Boulogne) during World War II.
We are a non profit organisation and non-professionals and our goal is to reconstruct the remains of this defense line for history purposes.  We do not have any political or ideological means, this is just our hobby and passion.

The website is of a very simple design and I do not intend to use a more 'flashy' lay out.
I would call it a 'what you see is what you get' website.

Additionaly you will find some WWI and V-weapons locations as well.

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Appeal to everyone: I am looking for old post war pictures, preferably from 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's of bunkers on the Belgian Coast,
If anyone can provide me with these, please try to give some information about them(location, date etc).
Please inform me if there's a copywrite on it.
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June 19 2016
V1-617 Cocove
First pictures on the net of this V1 'Ski' type launch site !

April 21 2016
Oudekerke - WW1 Groigne bunker

A picture report of the WW1 Groigne bunker with its reamarkable Arabic tekst.

March 15 2016
Stp Richthofen, Bredene - Spuikom

Thanks to research from 'Pierrot' the name of the waterplane base at Bredene - Spuikom is know today.
Some discoveries were made.  For example the 'Komensierscheibe' to allign the magentic compass of the planes.
Clicking on the picture will lead you to the main page of Stp Richthofen.

January 4 2016
I'm busy with adapting the 'Halve Maan' Stp Hafen page.  Some new pictures and corrections are beïng added.
Click picture to open the page.

June 13 2015
At Westende, belgium, a Vf7b has become free, clicking the picture will show the page.

April 3 2015
Another find by the A.W.B. along the Belgian coast !
This picture location remains private, no permision for redistribution or copy allowed.

Below: Inside the bunker.

March 20 2015
The A.W.B. found this KSS only recently somewhere alongside the Belgian coast.
It is the same type of the KSS at the Military Barracks at Lombardsijde.
Only one picture inside the bunker.  Don't ask !  No location will be given.

Below same 'Type 5' KB at Lombardsijde.

January 31 2015

Some re-vamped pictures on the V1-623 launch site from Morbecque.

 V1-623 Morbecque

November 11 2014

During September 30, 2014, the restored Würzburg Riese rader has been installed at the parking slot of the Raversijde museum.(click picture for my incomplete Raversijde page)

More info here(in Dutch):

October 27 2014

Small update on MPA 'Ter Linden'


June 14 2014

At last a strongpoint from France: Stp Dorade near Téteghem.
It took 15 years to put them on-line !

Click on picture to open the link.

May 27 2014

Some news about Wn Ludendorf.  Will this resistance nest survive construction of the A11 ?
Click picture for more pictures.

May 23 2014

I started a page about the WW1 Holland Stellung along the Belgian - Dutch border.  Only a few pictures at this moment but
more will be added when time goes by.  Click the image and a the Holland Stellung page will open.

The Holland Stellung: bunkers and other artifacts

May 17 2014

During June-June 6 2014, an international colloquium about the Atlantikwall from Norway to the Spanish border will be held at Raversijde Belguim.
If you are interested to attend this meeting, then you are welcome to subscribe.

Click the image below to open a PDF document.

May 15 2014

Works at the R612 from Stp Tobruk: not accesible anymore !
Click picture to see more.

April 14 2014

Along the 'Brugse Steenweg', the road from Brugge to Blankenberge there are two remarkable WW1 bunkers.
Last week, one was cleaned up and re-painted.  This is very well done.  On the other side there's another bunker belonging to the
former WW1 airfield, but this one has been covered by sand and dirt during road construction works.  It would be nice
if this one could be preserved and restored as well.(and not only during the 1914-1918 commemorations...)

I only hope that the fresh paintwork won't attract 'graffity vandals'...

Nevertheless, great job and congratulations !

Looking at the fence you can see some concrete pillars which were in fact 'tetreaëders' beach defence obstacles of WW2 !
You can find them everywhere around this place.

March 14 2014

Update of two R622 bunkers: Discovery of a brick anex to the first R622 and bunker number addition.

March 2 2014

Use the new shortcuts(see also above):

February 7 2014

Discovery of a R656 bunker near the Albert 1 monument of Nieuwpoort.
The A.W.B. identified it as beëing a R656 of W.N. Tilly 2.
This is only the first R656 of Tilly 2, the other one also still exists.


January 19 2014

Two locations added:

Stp Boelcke at Mariakerke Belgium.  Light Flak battery.


Another mysterious bunker at Bruges, Belgium:


December 7 2013

The famous 'Sinterklaasstorm' from 5-6 december 2013 revealed some interesting things.  Here a chimney of a Vf bunker somewhere along the Belgian coast.
It came free just some hours ago when large amounts of dune sand were blown away.  Don't ask me to give its position, I will not give it away.  We still have some research to do.

January 4 2016: not sure this is a Vf bunker...

October 6 2013

-Vlamertinge: Flugplatz Vlamertinge-Dikkebus NEW, Added October 6 2013

August 24 2013

A collegue told me that a bunker at Blankenberge, Belgium has been demolished.  Since almost all WW2 bunkers are demolished in Blankenberge,
this could only be the Luftshutz bunker from Stp 717E at the railway station.  As the railway station will also be demolished in september 2013,
this would have been a sign that the last days of the LS were counted.  Here's a picture from the bunker then&now but not as we would have wanted to be...

August 4 2013

A while ago I decided not to give this one away.  However it seems that others have also found this Tobruk in De Panne as well
and discuss it on several internet fora.  So I add two pictures I took on January 28, 2008 and August 24, 2011.

I will not give it's location away, so you have to find it yourself.
(nothing's more fun if you try to look for something...)

Maybe type 58c but maybe something else ?


March 8 2013

The destruction of Stp Pommern is now completed. Everything's gone for ever. What a stupid decision !

June 7 2012

The Atlantikwall Belgium(AWB) discovered a new fresco in a bunker somewhere along the Belgian coast.
The discovery was made during the month of May 2012.

It says: 'Hier wird nicht...  Verkauf nür gegen Barzahlung'
(verkoop enkel tegen kontante betaling)

We will not reveal its position(no need to ask!) because this finding is rare and exceptional
and we do not want it to be destroyed.
However; those bunker specialist will find it some day anyway.

Picture © 2012 Buran
World War I Bunkers and interesting places

-Boezinge: WWI-Essex Farm Cemetery and Dressing Station
 -Geluveld: Cryer Farm
-Fromelles: Hitler's WWI bunker
  -Gontrode: Luftschiffhaven L37
 -The Holland Stellung: bunkers and other artifacts
-Langemark Cemetary and Hitler's 1940 WWI visit
 -Oudekerke: Groigne bunker with Arabic text  NEW, April 21 2016
-Plugstreet Wood and Irish Memorial Mesen
-Uitkerke-Blankenberge: Marinekorps Flandern WW1 railroad battery 'Hessen'.
 -Uitkerke: Battery Sachsen
 -Koksijde: Villa La Vigie(during WWII=Wn Geier)
 -Veurne: Threatened Belgian WWI bunkers
-Ypres:Cake Trench/Helme Trench-No Mans Cot Cemetery

World War II: Atlantic Wall and other Bunkers


 -Aalter Dummy Airfield
-Adinkerke: Stp Schlieffen(Stp Bochum)
 -Bredene: Pz. Stp. Blaue Schleuse
-Bredene:E690-Stp. Bruchmüller
  -Bredene-Spuikom: Stp Richthoven Some minor changes March 15 2016
-Bredene: Stp Prinz Eugen
-Bruges/Brugge: German WWII Bunkers alongside -the Bruges-Gent Canal
 -Bruges: WW2 bunker near port of Ghent
-Brûly-de-Pesche: FHQ Wolfsschlucht
  -De Haan: Stp Blücher
-De Haan: Stp Graf Spee
 -De Panne: Stp Wrangel
-Knokke: Stp Knokke-West: R502 demolishment on Rubensplein
-Knokke: MKB Schelde-Stp Tobruk-Stp Flugplatz
 -Koksijde: Wn Coxyde I - R656 demolishment
 -Koksijde: Stp Panther(not Wn Coxyde II)
-Leffinge: Stp Hannover
-Lissewege: Stp687E - Stp Lissewege
 -Lombardsijde: MKB Ramien-Stp Ramien PART 1
 -Lombardsijde: MKB Ramien-Stp Ramien PART 2
 -Lombardsijde: Stp Von Seeckt
-Maldegem Flugplatz
  -Mariakerke: Stp Boelcke
-Middelkerke Stp Von Leeb
-Middelkerke Stp Puma
-Nieuwpoort-Tobruk and Ramskapelle Field Battery
 -Nieuwpoort: W.N. Tilly 2
-Oldenburg battery
 -Oostende: Landfront Oostende
-Oostende: Halve Maan-Pz.Stp Ostende Hafen New pictures and corrections January 4 2016
-Oostende: Stp Hundius
 -Oostende: Stp Stene
 -Oostduinkerke: W.N. Manteuffel R603
-Oostduinkerke: Wn Marder
 -Oostduinkerke: Wn Waldersee and Wn Karthäuser Düne
 -Oostkerke: Wn Ludendorf
 -Poperinge: Flugplatz Peselhoek
 -Raversijde:MKB Salzwedel Neu/Stp Bensberg/Stp Tirpitz
-Secret Railway(luftshutz) Bunkers
-Sint-Michiels - Brugge: Ter Linden
 -Telephone bunkers - KB and KSS
 -Veurne: Communication bunker
 -Vlamertinge: Flugplatz Vlamertinge-Dikkebus
-Westende: H.KB. Westende Plage-Stp Seydlitz
-Westende HKB 3./826(ex Camping Cosmos)
-Westkapelle: Stp Landhaus Westkapelle
-Wevelgem: Dummy Airfield
-Wortegem: Stp Goldammer radar site
 -Zandvoorde: Luftschutz bunker
-Zeebrugge: Wn Hindenburg - Ex HKB 3./769
 -Zevenkerken: Oberbauleitung der Organisation Todt Belgiën
-Zuienkerke: Wn Schill
 -Zwankendamme, mystery petroleum tanks


Sorry for the lack of links of France at this moment.  As you know, most surviving bunkers from
the Atlantikwall can still be found in France.
During the nineties and later I have visited many places but I
still have to add them to this page.  So be patient this will be done in the near future.

-Audinghen: Stp Saitenspiel, Battery Todt, MKB Todt
-La  Trésorerie: Stp Kornweihe, MKB Friedrich August
-Petite Synthe: 1./252 Flak Batterie
 -Sangatte: MKB Lindeman Batterie Grossdeutschland/Stp Neuss
-Téteghem: Stp Dorade
-Waldam MI battery
-Wissant: Stp 120 Pommern

V1 flying bomb sites in France and Belgium
Vergeltungswaffe 1 (FZG-76) or Fieseler (Fi 103)


 V1 Gits-Belgium
V1 Houthulst-Belgium
 V1 Krombeke-Belgium
V1 Torhout-Belgium


 V1-Lottinghen-Wasserwerk Desvres
V1-Siracourt-Wasserwerk 1 St.-Pol-France
 V1 N°59 Le Nieppe-France
   V1 N°66 Pihem Les Bientques
V1 N°75 Vacquerie-le-Boucq
 V1 N°103 Fresnoy
V1 N°122 Le Groseillier/Lisbourg-France
V1 N°615 Eperleques-France
 V1-617 Cocove New June 2016: first pictures !
V1 N°618 Journy/Neuville-France
 V1 N°620 Zudausques/Noircarme-France
V1 N°623 Bois des Huit Rues Morbecques-France
 V1 N°626 Renty-France
V1-660 Yvrench-Bois Carré-France

V2 rocket launch sites in France

V2-La Coupole, Wizernes-France

Thumbnail gallery-Atlantic Wall-WWI-V1-V2.
(A bit obsolete but my first page about the Atlantik wall from
the Belgian coast to Boulogne.)

Interesting Links

An extremely good page about the Armeeoberkommando 15.
A correspondent sent me this exellent page with a magnificent virtual(and real !) museum.

Rudi Rolf references
Link with Fortification books from Rudi Rolf. You will find some Atlantic Wall designs on these pages.
All designs are ©Rudi Rolf.

 Les Sites V1 du Nord de la France
Site from Laurent Bailleul, author of the excellent book 'Les Sites V1 en Flandres et en Artoïs'
This is a book which can be used for historic and field research reasons.
Very much recommended for everyone who is interested in the V-weapons !

 V1 launch sites in Belgium - West Flanders
Very good site about the V1 sites in West Flanders, Belgium.  The site is very well documented  with many  research articles.

Atlantic Wall site from different places in Europe.  Big source of information and a good users-interface.

The Association for World War Archaeology (A.W.A.).  Proffesional site of proffesional WWI archeologists.
Also Atlantic Wall research.

 The Atlantic Wall At The Belgian Coast
Atlantic Wall Page from Frank Philippart.
Exellent page from one of the most experienced Atlantic Wall researcher.
Also author from 'De Atlantikwall aan de Pas de Calais' and 'co-author form the Atlantic Wall Travel guide 'De Atlantik Wall Van Willemstad tot de Somme'.(both Dutch written)

 Werkgroep Moderne Fortificatie
Part of the Simon Stevin Stichting and promotes the study, concervation and restoration of old military fortresses.  Also maintained by Frank Philippart.
Dutch website with Atlantic Wall bunkers from Walcheren.
Picasaweb pagina van Rudy Thijs.  Het bevat een collectie WOI en WOII postkaarten.  Er zitten pareltjes tussen.

About German fresco's, text from WWII, the main source available on the web.

V2 impacts in Belgium
A friend made this site about V2 impacts in Belgium.

Links to my other personal websites
(aviation and space travel)

 My visit to Baikonur, Russian rocket Launch Site in Kazakhstan

 Ariane Launch centre and Solar Eclipse French Guiana 2006


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